Are you tired of your belly getting bigger and softer even though you go to the gym, all the clothes in your closet feeling tight and uncomfortable, and can never find the balance between being in shape and your career?

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  • A step-by-step game plan my busy male clients use to eat the foods they love while dropping unwanted pounds.
  • Why 80% of American Men start and fail on a diet 4 times per year, and the strategy that my busy male client use to avoid dieting all together.
  • And how we do this all without living in the gym 24/7 and spending plenty of time with family and friends.

Holy Shit! How did this happen?

Your body is not working the way it used to. You used to be athletic and strong and if you had a chocolate bar here and there, it didn’t matter, you could just run it off. Your body didn’t even register the calories of a “bad” weekend or feel one bit different.

But not anymore.

You can’t get up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Every time you stand up from your desk, your knees and back ache.

Even things that used to be easy, like going to the gym and running errands, seem to take so much effort.

Shit, nobody even turns their head anymore when you walk into a bar. You used to get at least one smile. 

You knew that getting older meant your metabolism would change, but like this?

Even when you hype yourself up and start going to the gym or running for a few weeks, nothing changes.

You give up - and everything keeps going south. 

Man trying to button a shirt over his belly

Why Doesn't This Fit?  

You walk into the store and find a shirt in your normal size. You walk to the dressing room, pull the door shut, and put the shirt on. You think, “Yikes! This feels too tight to be my size. Hmm, I must have grabbed the wrong size.” Nonetheless, you look in the mirror to see how the shirt looks and it’s soo tight that the buttons look like they are going to pop off! Again you think, “This can’t be right. I MUST have pulled the wrong size!”

You take off the shirt to check the tag, and to your horror - it’s the right size. To add insult to injury, you catch a glimpse of your shirtless self in mirror and see someone you don’t recognize. You see the middle aged business guy you promised you’d never be.

Your brain starts racing. You are angry. “Fuck! Who is that? Is that me? When did I get so fat? When did I get soo old? How did this happen soo damn fast?” You leave the clothes in the dressing room and begrudgingly buy the size you promised yourself you would never, EVER, EVER fit into. On the way home, the reality sets in... 

“Is this really my life now?”

It’s gotta be the food, right?

For a very long time, you’ve probably heard weight loss advice from your friends, family, nutritionists, coaches, the internet, and personal trainers that sounds something like this:

Plate of Pasta and a Treadmill

"Just Eat Less & Exercise More"

"Just Eat Whole Foods"

Caveman Icon

"Just Eat Like a Caveman"

"You Should Try The ____ Diet"


The last thing you need is someone telling you how to lose weight with some bullshit and generic advice that you’ve tried 1,000 times before. 

This advice works for a few weeks (maybe a few months), but then, no matter what, the weight ALWAYS comes back on. But each time, you feel a little fatter, a little softer, a little more lethargic, and a A LOT worse about yourself.  

You have these wild thoughts like, “Ugh! Fail Again! What is wrong with me? I’m so pathetic! I can’t even stick to a diet for even a few days - there is no way I can possibly get my fat ass in shape.”  

You beat yourself up more and more telling yourself how much you suck, how much of a loser you are, and that everyone else can be lean and mean, except you. You are destined to be fat.

Skull Icon with Hamburger




Every week is the same. Monday - Wednesday, you are on good behavior. You eat breakfast, you pack your lunch, and you cook dinner. You eat salads, veggies, and protein and keep your carbs low. 

………………..Until something comes up.  

Eating healthy, all of the sudden, becomes an impossibility. Everything seems to go completely out of control, and it feels like you are gasping to just catch your breath. There is just so much to do and so little time to do it!

Before you know it, your Monday- Wednesday good behavior is completely wiped out with a stack of Seamless receipts.  After all, you are just trying to survive the insanity of the week.

And you are stuck in this vicious cycle that looks like this:


I've learned to trust my body more and relax about what I eat. I've always described myself as a hungry person, and now I know what to eat on daily basis to fill my macros and fuel my body. I've also learned how to fuel correctly for performance, which is a huge win!


Lia M.


When I got started, I just wanted to lose weight to be a healthier Dad and perform better at work, but I never realized how much of my mindset was controlled by the food I ate!  I can be very flexible with my food choices as long as I have the right mindset.


Phil T.


I spoke to Joe once and realized this guy gets it! He cares about his clients. He wanted to tackle the emotional side of eating and no program I have ever tried really cared about that.


Shannon F.

Is Food Just Food?

Nobody wants to say it – so I will.  Food is NOT just food.  

Have you ever been stressed and eaten a piece of chocolate and instantly felt better? Like everything is going to be ok?

Or have you ever had a piece of your Mom’s famous (Insert food here), and can’t stop eating it even though you are full?

Have you ever looked forward to going home, just so you can have ice cream and sit on the couch?

If you said yes to any of these, it’s because you are human.  

Food is more than just vitamins, minerals, or protein. Food is also:


Stress Relief







This is exactly why your perfectly planned meal plan, diet, or strict “rules” go to hell in a handbasket the second you have a stressful day.

Simply put – food isn’t just filling your belly when you’re hungry – there is something more that is really happening.

If you’re like most guys….

You’ve probably thought about at least one of these options, a bazillion times, to get and stay in shape: 

  • Tracking your food with MyFitnessPal and other calorie counters
  • ​CrossFit and other group workouts
  • Getting up early to run
  • Popular diets like Paleo, Primal, Zone, Keto, or Low Carb
  • chevron-circle-right
    Buying the latest fitness tracker like a Fitbit
  • Buying or reading workout books and magazine articles

But when it comes to actually executing, you do it for 2 weeks, something comes up and derails you for 2 weeks, and you are back to square 1.  

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Of course, these aren’t “bad” options. They end up working for some people.

But for most guys, these are just a Band-Aid. 

These plans DON'T address the real problem because these plans don't account for your life.

  • They don’t know that you feel like a shadow of the man you once were.  
  • They don’t know that you don’t even want to have sex anymore because you have no physical desire, and when you do, you're embarrassed to do it with the lights on.  
  • They don’t know how uncomfortable you feel when you look in the mirror wondering where “college you” went?
  • They don’t know that you feel like a crap role model for your kids, who are watching your every move.  
  • They don’t offer meaningful, step-by-step change that you can actually do in your real life.

You know, the real life with long nights in the office, kids, and marriage.

You know, the life that you actually have.

You don’t need another restrictive diet, more willpower, or even more exercise.

You don’t want to feel like you have to choose between having a successful career or a great body.

You Don't Have To Choose

Forever, you’ve been told that you choose either your career or being in shape. 

That’s bullshit.

I will show you how to rewire your brain, process your stress without using food, and build a healthy relationship with food - so you can be a boss in the office and beast in the gym.

I will show you how your best years are ahead of you, not behind you.

In addition, I will show you weight loss techniques that really work AND coach you step-by-step, pound by pound, and situation by situation to make sure you never have to poke at your gut fat ever again.

Click below to see the exact process I use to help my clients get out of “office body” mode…without endlessly dieting or restricting.

FREE Weight Loss Workshop

  • A step-by-step game plan my busy male clients use to eat the foods they love while dropping unwanted pounds.
  • Why 80% of American Men start and fail on a diet 4 times per year, and the strategy that my busy male client use to avoid dieting all together.
  • And how we do this all without living in the gym 24/7 and spending plenty of time with family and friends.

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