Why supplement companies are laughing all the way to the bank

Have you ever bought a 5LB tub of protein and wonder, “Why the hell did I buy this? I barely use it and now I’m stuck with it.”

It can feel like a waste of money, right?

Well, you’re not alone.  

In 2014, the global supplement market did a staggering $104 billiondollars in sales and in the US, nearly 50% of Americans purchase supplements regularly.  


In 2017, the global supplement market is expected to reach 1 trillion dollars of sales!

When entrepreneurs and business people read these stats, they all want a piece of the action. That’s why it seems like supplement companies pop up out of thin air.

Furthermore, most of these companies hire the same PR and marketing firms and they advertise in the same places, all claiming the same things:

  • “Recover Faster”
  • “Gluten Free”
  • “Volumize Your Cells”

These beautifully targeted sales pitches are masterfully done to grab your attention and get you to buy the product.

And most of the time they work. In fact, marketing statistics show supplement companies spend 21 billion to make sure.

But what does any of that even mean? And why does it matter?

The reason it matters is how does this help you when you're running out the door in the morning? How does it solve your bad eating habits?

And the bigger question: why do people buy supplements in the first place?

I was really bothered that I didn’t know the answer to this last question, so I asked my customers. Then I asked my wholesale customers, such as gym owners, trainers, and coaches.

You know what nearly 80% of people said:

“I bought it to improve my diet”.

This confused me and got me excited.

When I chose to re-envision our brand, one of my biggest goals was to break this chain. Our customers like you are starving (literally and figuratively).


Because nutrition supplement companies aren’t giving nutritional advice or if they have resources, it’s the bare minimum. The word nutrition is literally in our company description, yet all we do is sell more, more, more.

Seriously, I had had enough.

We can no longer in good conscience just sell products on claims of “muscle recovery” without first teaching you about food balance. If you haven’t already read our “Start in the Kitchen” article about why food balance comes before supplements, do so now. I’ll wait.

Read it? Good.

This idea -- food balance first, supplements second -- is why I designed the Strengthlete Nutribuild system in reverse. What I mean by that is our philosophy starts with what you are doing in the kitchen first before we put a shaker in your hand.

Supplements don’t work unless you put in the work in the kitchen first. PERIOD.

The super-duper, cell volumizing, muscle recovery supplement will not work unless you eat breakfast regularly for starters.

Remember: 1 hour in the gym, 23 hours out.

Your diligence belongs to caring about the quality of food going into your body 4-5 times per day more so then what you do in your workouts.

So get started in the kitchen. And if you don’t know where to start, that is exactly why we’re here.  Start with my workshop below. 

FREE Weight Loss Workshop

  • A step-by-step game plan my busy male clients use to eat the foods they love while dropping unwanted pounds.
  • Why 80% of American Men start and fail on a diet 4 times per year, and the strategy that my busy male client use to avoid dieting all together.
  • And how we do this all without living in the gym 24/7 and spending plenty of time with family and friends.
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