Is your relationship with food dangerous?

Relationship Status = food

Whether you realize or not, we all have a relationship with food.

For some of us it's good, for some of us it's bad, and for some us it's complicated.

If you've ever felt or experienced:

  • Guilty or stressed after a meal
  • Guilty or stressed during a meal
  • Can't stop eating, even when you are full
  • Think about food as "good" or "bad"
  • Eat like a "bird" publicly, and like a "pig" privately
  • You constantly see yourself as "fat"
  • See-sawing between "dieting" and "cheating"

These are classic signs of a poor relationship with food.

In this video, Flexible Blueprint founder Jason Ackerman and I discuss our own personal battles with food and how we overcame them.


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