Are you not losing weight because you are not eating ENOUGH??!!

You hear it all the time:

  • “I’m on a low carb diet.”
  • "I'm on a low fat diet."
  • “I only eat carbs on the weekends"
  • "I haven't had a potato chip since 1997”

I used to be a firm believer and advocate of this type of eating. But none of it worked. I used to believe by eating less and working out more, I would have a slimmer waist, cut arms, and a chiseled jawline. But instead, nothing changed.

This type of thinking, although popular, is dead wrong. Emotionally and physically, you are hurting yourself more then you think.


But every nutrition website and articles all over facebook and instagram will have you believing an extreme diet is exactly what you need. But is true?

In this video, Jason Ackerman and I discuss:

  • Balanced Dieting
  • Work Week Syndrome
  • Cheat Days
  • Punishing yourself for bad eating
  • Earning your food

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