Is Willpower A Dumb Nutrition Concept?

Sometimes, work just sucks.

You work on a project that completely messes everything up:

  • Your quality time (aka QT) with your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend.
  • Your healthy eating.
  • Your gym time.

The stress just piles on higher and higher as the day goes by and it seems to be so overwhelming, you gotta stop and take a break.

You walk or drive to the closest Starbucks to grab a quick coffee and clear your head for 5 minutes. You see something that catches your eye.

“The White Hot Chocolate. Hmmm…. What’s that? That sounds like it would really help the stress.”

You order it and it’s delicious. And it’s a hot chocolate, how bad could it be?


Starbucks Hot Chocolate

But just out of curiosity, you look up the nutrition facts on the Starbucks website.

Here’s what you find:

Starbucks Hot Chocolate Nutrition

Hot Damn! 440 calories!!!

That is almost the same amount of calories than 2 bags of M&M’s!!!

Man, I wish I didn’t look that up. 440 calories is sooo much for a DRINK!”

An hour later, the stress is piling even higher. You stop for another break and go to the vending machine.

You gaze through the glass and you can’t decide whether you want Rice Krispie Treats or Chips….. So you get both!

You think, I already had that calorie bomb of a drink earlier, so might as well just keep going.

Box of doughnuts with text overlay saying "That moment when you want two things to eat and can't decide so you say "fuck it I'll have both"


This moment is known as the “FUCK IT” moment.

The problem with this moment, IS NOT the moment itself…. This moment is a symptom.

Every nutritionist comes up with some gimmick to try to create willpower in this situation. But it’s not willpower that will win.

The “fuck it” moment is a monster. A monster that is stronger than you. If you try to fight the monster, you will lose every time. Sometimes you will get a good shot on him and knock him down, but eventually, they will beat you down.

So what do you do?

Like any great military battle, you don’t take on a stronger opponent by walking up and punching them in the face, you need to outsmart your opponent.

In this case, this fuck it moment is often a symptom of you:

  • Over restricting
  • Over dieting
  • Eating “healthy” instead of the foods you want

Once you add a little bit of stress to this equation, it’s over. You will overindulge to make up for the past 2 weeks to 2 years of restrictions.

The “fuck it” moment IS NOT when you hit “A2” on the vending machine, it is the previous two weeks, two months, or two years.

The quality of your eating habits are not determined when life is easy and your schedule is cooperating, it is when everything is going wrong, you are working a lot, and there is not time to get to the gym.

This is the mark that your habits suit you well.

If you feel like you struggle with this “fuck it” moment, then it is not your WILLPOWER. It is the way you eat every.single.day.

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