Make Money or Be Fit – You Can’t Have Both

You know the deal. You can’t possibly be good at your job and put in all the hours without sacrificing some, or all, of your personal life.

Making a lot of money takes hard work. And if you want to give yourself the life that you’ve always desired – the house, the cars, the fancy dinners, and 5-star vacations – you have to sacrifice.

That sacrifice means working until 8-9pm every night, falling asleep at midnight, and if you can motivate yourself to get out of bed at 5am, a workout, to just stay somewhat healthy.

Sometimes, you feel really motivated and get to the gym every morning.  And other times, it feels like god damn hell getting up early that early.    

Sooner or later, the long nights at the office, fueled by takeout and happy hours, win.

So, you put on a few pounds...


Even though you joined a CrossFit gym to get motivated, meet a few people, and get in shape, the motivation to actually go is just not there. And when you are there, you feel like a zombie, just going through the motions.

The things that used be easy, aren’t so easy anymore. And it sucks.

How was running a mile two years ago an easy 8 minutes, and now you can barely get through a mile in 12 minutes, because you were huffing and puffing so hard, you had to stop and walk, twice!  

So, you put on a few more pounds.

The extra weight doesn’t motivate you to go the gym more, it motivates you to go less. The only thing you feel comfortable doing anymore is working. You get deeper and deeper into your work.   

Work becomes the end-all-be-all. It’s a part of every conversation. It’s part of every thought. Your whole world centers around your career.   

And you put on a few more pounds.

The more you work, the less time you have for yourself. The less time you have for yourself, the more you eat out.

And you put on a few more pounds.

You know that you need to go to the gym more.

You know that you need to eat better.

You know that your clothes are not fitting well anymore.

You pushed your skinny clothes to the back of the closet and only wear a select few items, because they are the only ones that fit.

You avoid mirrors and pictures at all costs.

But there is no way you can possibly pay attention to your body right now. You have too much going on at work. On top of that, you are buying a new house, moving in, and working on the weekends to catch up on all the emails you missed throughout the week.

Street sign with work/life balance written

On top of that, your wife/husband (girlfriend/boyfriend) is constantly PISSED at you because they don’t get to see you enough.

Shit – you’re stuck between a rock and hard place. If you’re not working, you’re with bae. If you’re not with bae, you’re working.

Even though you notice your pants are tight and it upsets you, you just pony up and buy the next size up.

Work gets busier. And busier. More clients. More business.

A promotion.

You get married.

Another promotion.

You get a new job.

You have to move for that new job.

You put on a few more pounds.

Before you know it – it’s 5 years later. And you’ve gained 50 pounds.

And your weight gain seems to hit you soo DAMN hard at the weirdest moment.

You are walking up the steps in your house to go to bed. You get to the top and you are sweating. Sweating and out of breath.


How am I sweating walking up 12 steps?

You go to bed super bothered. When you wake up and go to put on your suit, something else hits you. You look inside the jacket of your suit and see a size you don’t recognize.


When I started working, this suit would have been enormous on me. It would have looked like I was wearing my Dad’s suit.

When did this happen?

You knew that not going to the gym as much was a part of the deal. But you didn’t think you’d ever really get fat. You used to make fun of all those guys in your office who were older than you, who constantly complained about getting old and gaining weight. You laughed at them all the while saying to yourself, that will never be me.

Now – It’s you.

Once again - What the fuck is going on???!!!!!!  

Man holding his beer gut

It’s officially happened

You are successful. But you are in the worst shape of your life.

You decide you are going to do something about it because you are a self-starting go-getter. You start getting up a little early. You make and eat a healthy breakfast. When you go out to lunch with your colleagues or clients, you order grilled chicken salads and proclaim that you are going to lose the weight!

Alright! The road back to “college you” has officially begun.

Until….…..Something comes up.

For example, a client emergency that keeps you at the office until 10pm. Your colleague knocks on your door and says, “Hey, we are ordering pizza, want some?”    

And instead of ordering something healthy like you’ve been doing, you are so zoned in on the work, you say “pizza sounds good.”

When the pizza arrives, you absolutely gorge. 4 slices later – an entire week’s worth of waking up early, ordering salads at lunch, and even going to the GYM, is completely wiped out.

When you get home, you are soooo tired and agitated, you need a full glass of scotch to just calm your brain so you can fall asleep.

The next morning, you wake up with barely enough time and energy to get out the door.

On the way to work, you think “Fuck this. I’m too tired to deal with this diet thing today. I’ll start again next week.”

The next week is the same story.

The week after, the same story again.

You just can’t seem to get any momentum going. It feels like you are walking in molasses. Every time you get it going just a little bit, something comes up and the momentum hits a big, fat wall.

You are just hoping something will give and you will magically have more time to take care of yourself.

But you know the truth. It never does.

It feels like a never-ending hamster wheel.  

Hamster asleep on a hamster wheel

So how do you get off this hamster wheel?

Getting out of this cycle is not about a diet. It’s not about only eating salads and avoiding carbs. It’s not even about going to the gym 7 days per week.

You’ve been given this advice 1000 times. It never, ever works. EVER.

It feels good because you are at least trying, but you are just burning precious time and energy.

There is a difference between eating healthy foods, shopping organic, and ordering salads and actually getting in the best shape of your life. Real and lasting weight loss transformation doesn’t happen by just eating healthy, just going to the gym, or by going for a run twice a week.

These are fine to maintain your weight or stay healthy, but they don’t move the scale down a single ounce.

How do you do it?

It’s simple. It’s starts with a shift in mindset.

I’m talking about the mindset changes that will change the way you see food, shrink your belly, explode your energy, and help you feel better than you did 10 years ago.

You don’t have to choose – you can be fit and be a killer at the office.

If you are ready to find out how, start with our workshop below.

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