30 Double Stuffed Oreos….

I have a really simple question for you.

Can you keep junk food, like Double Stuffed Oreos, around your house?

double stuf oreos

There are roughly 30 cookies in this package(above).

How long does it take you to finish a package of this size?

Does it take you 1 day?
2 days?
3 days?

What are the chances it lasts 1 week?


30 Oreos are a lot of cookies - 2,100 calories of cookies to be exact. That’s a lot of cookies for just one person.

So how do you deal with cookies when they are in your house?

Are you the guy who thinks about the Oreos from the second he walks in the door? Is it the only thing you can think about while you are cooking and eating dinner? Do you even eat less at dinner so you can have more Oreos?

--- OR ---

Do you forget about them until you open the cabinet?

When you actually have an Oreo, do you feel like this?:


**Exactly 1 minute later….. **

"Maybe just two more (as you grab 4)? Yea, I had a salad for lunch, so I can spare the carbs!"

**Exactly 1 minute later….. **

"Ahhh. That is so DAMN good. Maybe just two more (as you grab as many cookies as you can fit in your hands)."

Exactly two seconds later, you open the seal and, BOOM, there are no more cookies left in the pouch.

"SHIT! This is why I can’t have Oreos in the house! These things are FUCKING EVIL. NEVER AGAIN."

--- OR ---

Do you grab two, three, or four Oreos. Sit down. Unlock the magic. And then keep it movin’?

If you answered #1 to either of these questions - we need to talk.

You are a GROWN MAN and go to work everyday, make decisions, pay your mortgage, and pick up your children. Why can’t you keep Oreos in your home?

What is it about the combination of cookies and cream that makes it so damn hard to resist?

Is it because sugar is more addictive than cocaine?
Is it because junk food is designed to get you hooked?
Nope. There are plenty of people who have Oreos in their cabinet right now and are not addicted.

Contrary to popular belief, It’s NOT the junk food. It’s not the sugar. It’s not some devilish scheme of Nabisco to make you fat.

It’s your attitude towards junk food to begin with.

If you have an attitude that junk food is EVIL, BAD, or the DEVIL, you are giving junk food a very dangerous power - control.

Notice that you are describing Oreos, an inanimate object, with the same words you would describe an Ex.

Unlike your Ex, Oreos don’t have feelings. Oreos don’t have power.

It’s the meaning that you’ve attached to the Oreos that makes them impossible to keep around the house without eating them in 24 hours.

And if you are thinking - "Joe - that’s why I never buy them." OR "But Joe, this is a RARE occasion!"

If either of these were really true, you wouldn’t be reading this email right now.

That’s why my clients have a different approach.

I help my clients to have a healthy relationship with junk food, to NEVER avoid it, but learn how to enjoy every morsel of it, without ever being out of control.

I help my clients eat the foods they really love and never feel like they "need a break" from their normal diet, even while losing 30, 40, 50, or as much as 100 pounds.

My clients BUILD an attitude and relationship with food that gives them TRUE freedom to keep any food they like around their house without ever worrying about "eating it all."

Can you say the same?

If you want to learn exactly how my clients build a healthy relationship with food, without the normal "just eat clean advice," then start with the free workshop below.

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