Avoiding Old Friends

How much does it suck when you see an old friend or colleague and you’ve put on a few pounds and they haven’t?

The worst part is the first look they give you that says "you’ve put on a few pounds" but they never actually say it.

Even though you are excited to see them, the fact that you’ve put on 10, 20, or 30
pounds is just hanging above your head the entire time you are catching up.

You wish they’d just say "dude, you’ve gained weight" because it’s literally the 30 pound elephant in the room. You definitely don’t want to say it. But what if they actually said it? Ok, no matter who says it, it would suck to hear.

Phew! It’s time to say goodbye and you’re absolutely exhausted from the suspense of whether they’d say what you were thinking.

The next time you are planning to hang out with an old friend, you have to think twice:

If you are going to the beach or a pool…. you think, "Fuck, I don’t want to take my shirt off!"

If you are hiking or working out….. you think, "What if I can’t keep up?"

If you are going to a new restaurant….. you think, "Am I going to be the fat guy at the table ordering a burger and everyone will be looking at me?"

…. And soon after, you start making excuses like "I’m busy" or "I have a ton of work to do" or "I’m not feeling well," to avoid seeing your friends. 


And before you know it, you haven’t seen your closest friends in weeks, then months, or even a year or two goes by.

How can you bare to see your friends looking and feeling the way you do?

And I know what everyone says, "if they are your true friends, they will accept you at any weight, height, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH."

Thanks for the Dr. Phil advice.

But it has nothing to do with your friends. It’s about the way YOU feel.

Nothing is worse than seeing someone you used to be able to run faster than and now you can’t. It sucks that you used to be more athletic and now it looks like you never played a sport. It sucks that you used to be admired when you put on a suit, and now it’s tight and unflattering.

It’s a shitty feeling when you are the only one who hasn’t taken care of themselves. It makes you almost resent your friends.

Do you really want your friends staring at your belly and wondering what the hell happened to you?

What kind of friendship is that?

The truth is we all want friendships where you can take your families on vacation together. Friendships where you can workout to blow off some steam and then watch college football and have a few laughs. Friendships where you can pick up the phone when you are having a problem and get great advice.

But how good can a friendship be if you are constantly thinking about how crappy you look? How good can it be if you are soo stressed about your weight, that you are obsessing over every single calorie and can only go to one restaurant in a 20 mile radius because they are the only ones with "Keto" options? How much fun can you have at a party when you are eating "low carb" and the sweets on the table are so distracting that you can’t even have a normal conversation?

You think this will make the friendships any better?

The reality is feeling this way is an option. But there is another option. And that option doesn’t include you worrying about every calorie, avoiding every restaurant, or stressing about sweets. That option allows you to enjoy a Saturday night out with your friends because you are eating Instinctually.

Instead of worrying about eating pasta at a restaurant, you savor each and every delicious bite, but push the plate away the second you are full. You don’t feel a lump in your stomach and walk out of the restaurant feeling like a million bucks, even though you just had pasta, aka "the devil carbs!"

You don’t wake up feeling groggy, sluggish, or regretting eating pasta. And the next morning you get up and hit the gym, just like any other morning.

Inadvertently, by listening to your instincts, you saved yourself 400-500 calories. And because you enjoyed the pasta last night, you are not craving ice cream today, which is what usually happens.

All the calories saved by enjoying the pasta actually helped you lose weight.

What?! How is this possible?? This sounds like a dream come true.

It’s not a dream come true. It’s simply what happens when you eat Instinctually. Our bodies are born with the most sophisticated software on earth. That software is programmed to enjoy any food, but also knows when to start eating, stop eating, and exactly what foods to eat.

Most of us simply don’t know how to use it. When you start using your preloaded software, this is exactly what a Saturday can be like.

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