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Crying in the Dressing Room

Picture this.

It’s 2014. I’m still in denial about my weight gain.

It’s my friend Rob’s wedding, and he buys all the groomsmen suits from Macy's. The only thing I have to do is go to Macy’s to get measured and pick it up once it’s tailored.

I walk into the Macy’s near my house and talk to the tailor. The tailor asks, what size are you?” I reply, “44 short.”

The tailor side-eyed me and says “Are you sure?”

I’m thinking to myself, “Yea dude! I’m sure of my suit size" but politely respond, "Yes.”

He hands me a suit off the rack and says, “Try this on!” I walked into the dressing room, try the jacket and pants on, and I come out all cocky and say, “How does it look?”

The tailor says, “Looks great! A few adjustments, and you’ll be set.”

He pinned the pants and jacket, and I returned to the dressing room to take off the suit.

Then, I notice the tag.

48 short. That motherfucker.

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Jar full of money

Make Money or Be Fit – You Can’t Have Both

You know the deal. You can’t possibly be good at your job and put in all the hours without sacrificing some, or all, of your personal life.

Making a lot of money takes hard work. And if you want to give yourself the life that you’ve always desired – the house, the cars, the fancy dinners, and 5-star vacations – you have to sacrifice.

That sacrifice means working until 8-9pm every night, falling asleep at midnight, and if you can motivate yourself to get out of bed at 5am, a workout, to just stay somewhat healthy.

Sometimes, you feel really motivated and get to the gym every morning.  And other times, it feels like god damn hell getting up early that early.    

Sooner or later, the long nights at the office, fueled by takeout and happy hours, win.

So, you put on a few pounds...

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Ron Swanson Posing as a Boxer

Real Men Don’t Diet

Warning: This article is for dudes only. Sorry ladies.

“Man up.”

“Be a man.”

“Don’t be such a p***y.”

“Are you counting your calories, princess?”

“You can’t eat what your food eats!”

These are all things that have been repeated to you (and me) over and over and over again every time you even slightly hint that you are trying to lose weight, or God forbid, order a salad.

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Pizza on a dark table

The 4 Types of Dieters

The Dieting Trap & the 4 Types of Dieters

It always seems to happen in an instant, you bend over to tie your shoe and you have to hold your breath. You put on your “loose jeans” and they no longer need a belt. A Facebook memory pops up and you see a picture of yourself from 2 years ago and think “Holy Shit, I don’t look like that anymore.” Your kid pokes at your belly and says, “Daddy or Mommy has a belly.”

“Holy Shit. I gotta get my fat ass in shape.”

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Is Willpower A Dumb Nutrition Concept?

Sometimes, work just sucks.

You work on a project that completely messes everything up:

  • Your quality time (aka QT) with your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend.
  • Your healthy eating.
  • Your gym time.

The stress just piles on higher and higher as the day goes by and it seems to be so overwhelming, you gotta stop and take a break.

You walk or drive to the closest Starbucks to grab a quick coffee and clear your head for 5 minutes. You see something that catches your eye.

“The White Hot Chocolate. Hmmm…. What’s that? That sounds like it would really help the stress.”

You order it and it’s delicious. And it’s a hot chocolate, how bad could it be?

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