By the time I get home, I'm starving…

You wake up early. 

You get to the gym before the sun comes up. 
You get to the office before anyone else. 

And from the minute you get in to the minute you leave, it’s all business. 

You answer emails, run from meeting to meeting, answer repetitive questions, follow up with prospects, put out fires, come up with proposals, make diagnoses, and close new business. 

You don’t have time to sit down and eat like a person! It’s go, go, go all day, everyday. You just eat what you can, when you can, so you don’t pass out and can get back to work. 

Luxuries like breathing, sitting down for a meal, thinking, and the bathroom are reserved for when you get home. 

The second you walk out the door of the office, you start to breathe easy. And like a wave crashing down, you start to feel all the hunger of the day. 

Your stomach is growling. Your brain is on empty. Your blood sugar is dropping. You are cranky and angry. 

When you finally get home, you can’t even think about cooking because you are SOO hungry. 


You need something to tide you over until you cook dinner.

You open the fridge or freezer and grab the first thing you see and scarf it down.
 - A slice of leftover pizza.
 - ½ an egg roll.
 - The rice from your Mediterranean takeout last night.
 - ½ a pint of ice cream.
 - A few handfuls of shredded cheese.
 - A few pickles.
 - Olives that you are scooping out with a spoon.

Then you move to the cabinets:
 - A handful of chips.
 - A few cookies.
 - The kid’s fruit snacks.

Slowly, that crazy feeling goes away.


Time to cook.

You cook a healthy recipe that you found online. It checks all the boxes. Lean protein, veggies, healthy fats, and smart carbs.

And as soon as you are done cooking it….. you have ZERO interest in eating it.

Man, that’s really annoying.

So you sit down to unwind, pour yourself a glass of wine, and an hour later, you are back in the cabinet eating more cookies.

What the hell is going on?

You think to yourself, “How can I take the time and effort to cook a healthy meal and then end up eating a bunch of cookies? Might as well have ordered pizza instead. It would have made me happier!”

And the next night, you do order pizza.

When the delivery guy shows up to your door, you grab it out of his hands, run inside, plop it on the table and just eat and eat and eat.

No time for plates, drinks, or napkins.

“Ahhhh, finally, some me time.”

Each bite seems to relieve more and more stress from the day. Each slice is like a little piece of heaven.

Within 5 minutes of finishing, you feel REALLY full. You feel your belly pressing against your belt and see it pushing out through your dress shirt.

“Ugh, I need to change into sweatpants. This is embarrassing.”

20 minutes later. The story has changed.

That heaven you were feeling with each bite of pizza, is feeling more and more like bloated guilt.

“Ughhh, I shouldn’t have eaten that last slice. I know I should have cooked, but the pizza was just so much easier. ”

So the next night, you declare, “No pizza. I’m going to cook and eat a healthy meal. I’m not repeating last night.”

And you do. You make an organic and wild-caught salmon with spinach and quinoa. You sit down, you eat it. And it tastes good.

But it’s just not hitting the spot.

Within an hour, you are back in the cabinets, eating cookies. 20 minutes after that, you are embarrassingly in sweatpants.

You feel hopeless. It’s like you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Whether you eat good or bad. You just can’t seem to get your shit straight.

This is a shitty feeling.

But this is where things get tricky. Even though the dinner seems to be the problem, it’s not. You’ve tried throwing away the cookies and getting rid of the ice cream and stocking your fridge with greens from top to bottom.

But then you just end up buying more.

The real problem is who is REALLY eating?

Are you, the physical person, eating OR is all the piled up stress from 6am - 6pm eating?

But just stop and think about this for a second. Imagine that it’s lunch time at work. You stop what you are doing, you sit down, without distraction, and you eat for 20 minutes. Instead of surviving on protein bars and green juices, you eat a meal that you actually enjoy and even have a cookie. At the end of your meal, you are refreshed. And you return to work with even more vigor than the morning.

At 3 o’clock, you stop for 10 minutes and just focus on enjoying some veggies, pretzels, and hummus. Again, you are refreshed and you finish the day with your desk clear and being more productive than ever.

By the time you get home, you are satisfied with your day of work and feel good about yourself. You not only cook a healthy meal, but sit down and really enjoy it.

At 9pm, you finish the day with a scoop of ice cream.

You wake up the next day without any regret, guilt, or bloating.

After the gym, you even catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice a new muscle in your tricep. “Hey there fella. It’s nice seeing you.”

Wow. What a difference it is when you listen and respond to your body all day, not just at 6pm. What a difference it is to enjoy every meal, not just survive on bars and shakes. What a difference to feel the power of a healthy body, not the guilt of a bloated belly.

That’s all I got today. 

Coach Joe

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