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Oreo Cookies

30 Double Stuffed Oreos….

I have a really simple question for you.

Can you keep junk food, like Double Stuffed Oreos, around your house?

double stuf oreos

There are roughly 30 cookies in this package(above).

How long does it take you to finish a package of this size?

Does it take you 1 day?
2 days?
3 days?

What are the chances it lasts 1 week?

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Keto Diet Foods

Why Keto Is Lazy…..

The keto diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet.

So if you struggle with carbs, like candy or bread, this is the diet for you.

It throws all the carbs out the window, and instead you eat a ton of protein and fat. Only 5% of your calories can come from carbs.

Since it’s only 5%, it basically forces you to get your shit together with carbs!

Smart, right?

HELLLLLL NO, man. This is the LAZIEST diet I have ever heard of in my life.

Here’s why - if carbs are your problem, all you are doing is kicking the can down the road.

Here’s what usually happens:

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Junk food with crosses over them

This Week, I’m Gonna Be Strict with My Diet

Have you ever vowed to lose a few pounds and precisely 24 hours later found your hand dipping into the candy jar in your office?

And the second you do, you just feel terrible.

…. But since you broke, you might as well have a few more pieces of candy and start fresh again tomorrow.  

But you make a deal with yourself that tomorrow you will be more strict and have nothing but salads. You will be 100% healthy to make up for the Snickers you are eating right now.  

Two days later, you are back in the candy jar.

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Variety of carbs

What’s the Deal with Carbs?

It's been nearly 46 years since Dr. Atkins first introduced the Atkins Diet. And since then, a war has been waged on carbs.

So, what’s the deal with carbs?
• Should you eat them?
• Should you avoid them?
• Are they good for you?
• Do they make you gain weight?
• What are the best carbs to eat?

Here is the bigger question, how come everytime you avoid carbs, you crave them soo damn bad?

What is it about restricting carbs that the smell of bread makes you feel crazy? The smell of doughnuts that makes you think about doughnuts all day long? It makes you feel like you can’t possibly think or do anything else until you have that doughnut.

There is a very specific reason for this. Something that no one talks about.

The natural and biological response to restriction or deprivation is BINGING.

This simply means…. 

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