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Potato Chip Bag

Do Chips Make You Feel Guilty?

I want you to think to the last time you ate a bag of crispy, salty, delicious chips. Each crunch just makes you smile and feel good.

But as soon as you put the bag down, you feel this instant blanket of guilt.

And each time you pass the trash can and see the chips wrapper, you want to hide it. You don’t want anyone to know that you just ate chips.

Chip bag sitting in trash can
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hand refusing junk food

Just "Watch What You Eat"

Have you ever asked weight loss advice of someone who is a fitness/nutrition expert or even spoken to your doctor and they tell you something like this: 

  • “Watch what you eat!”
  • “Exercise 3-4 days per week.”
  • “Stay with it!” 
  • “Even a little progress is progress!”
  • “Just eat like a caveman would.”
  • “Have you tried (insert diet of the moment)?”

For real?

For all the research, information, and technology that we have today, that’s the best advice we can give?

“Someone Help Me Please!!!!”

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If I Just Look at a Cookie I’ll Gain Weight

Have you ever felt like this:  

You count your calories for 2-3 weeks, you cook all your meals, you avoid junk food, and you lose a MEASLY 2 pounds.  But the second you have ONE cookie, you put the 2 pounds back on immediately?

How can you put in so much work for such a small result?

And then in one little slip up, it’s all gone?

On the other hand, you have a friend who just looks at a vegetable and loses weight.  

How much does this suck?

It’s the worst.  How can tons and tons of work be erased in a split second?

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Sad looking man

Avoiding Old Friends

How much does it suck when you see an old friend or colleague and you’ve put on a few pounds and they haven’t?

The worst part is the first look they give you that says "you’ve put on a few pounds" but they never actually say it.

Even though you are excited to see them, the fact that you’ve put on 10, 20, or 30
pounds is just hanging above your head the entire time you are catching up.

You wish they’d just say "dude, you’ve gained weight" because it’s literally the 30 pound elephant in the room. You definitely don’t want to say it. But what if they actually said it? Ok, no matter who says it, it would suck to hear.

Phew! It’s time to say goodbye and you’re absolutely exhausted from the suspense of whether they’d say what you were thinking.

The next time you are planning to hang out with an old friend, you have to think twice:

If you are going to the beach or a pool…. you think, "Fuck, I don’t want to take my shirt off!"

If you are hiking or working out….. you think, "What if I can’t keep up?"

If you are going to a new restaurant….. you think, "Am I going to be the fat guy at the table ordering a burger and everyone will be looking at me?"

…. And soon after, you start making excuses like "I’m busy" or "I have a ton of work to do" or "I’m not feeling well," to avoid seeing your friends. 

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man looking into a fridge

By the time I get home, I'm starving…

You wake up early. 

You get to the gym before the sun comes up. 
You get to the office before anyone else. 

And from the minute you get in to the minute you leave, it’s all business. 

You answer emails, run from meeting to meeting, answer repetitive questions, follow up with prospects, put out fires, come up with proposals, make diagnoses, and close new business. 

You don’t have time to sit down and eat like a person! It’s go, go, go all day, everyday. You just eat what you can, when you can, so you don’t pass out and can get back to work. 

Luxuries like breathing, sitting down for a meal, thinking, and the bathroom are reserved for when you get home. 

The second you walk out the door of the office, you start to breathe easy. And like a wave crashing down, you start to feel all the hunger of the day. 

Your stomach is growling. Your brain is on empty. Your blood sugar is dropping. You are cranky and angry. 

When you finally get home, you can’t even think about cooking because you are SOO hungry. 

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