Are you fed up with complicated diets, information overload, and never knowing what to eat?

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The Problem

Diets and meal plans all look alike. They give you a list of foods to eat, a list of foods to avoid, and butter you up with false promises.

  • “Just eat whole foods.”
  • “Only eat food a caveman would eat.”
  • “Eat less and exercise more.”
  • “If it doesn’t run, fly, or swim, or isn’t a green vegetable – don’t eat it.”

Within days, you have no idea what to do, whether you are doing it right or wrong, and feel lost and frustrated.

This is precisely the wrong way to lose weight.

You are losing weight the wrong way if it feels:


You feel guilty every time you have a cookie, doughnut, or slice of pizza. 

Overly Complicated

You are calculating points, blocks, or grams and glued to an app.


There is only one way to lose weight that is super rigid and you have to change your schedule to meet it’s demands.


Your meal plan or diet doesn’t acknowledge you, your schedule, or lifestyle

The Solution

The solution is not another diet, more willpower, or even more exercise.

Weight Loss is simple. However, it is not easy.

You have a busy life and there is always something that will get in the way. Whether it’s your kids or busy nights at work, life has a way throwing a wrench into your best intentions.

That’s why the solution is a Personal Food Blueprint.

Like all the meaningful things in life, there is no code, handbook, or one-size-fits-all way to lose weight.

A blueprint helps you lose weight while eating the food you love, works around your schedule, caters to your lifestyle, and helps you stay in control even when life gets busy, hectic, or destructive.

A blueprint is:


Includes any food you love and fears none.  Doughnuts, pizza, and chips are all on the menu.


Eating foods, you like and love, based around your own schedule and lifestyle without guilt and anxiety.

Simple & Specific

What foods to eat, when to eat them, and how much to eat.

Accountability & Support

A coach to guide you through the good, the hard times, and help make adjustments as your body and goals change. 


I've learned to trust my body more and relax about what I eat. I've always described myself as a hungry person, and now I know what to eat on daily basis to fill my macros and fuel my body. I've also learned how to fuel correctly for performance, which is a huge win!


Lia M.


When I got started, I just wanted to lose weight to be a healthier Dad and perform better at work, but I never realized how much of my mindset was controlled by the food I ate!  I can be very flexible with my food choices as long as I have the right mindset.


Phil T.


I spoke to Joe once and realized this guy gets it! He cares about his clients. He wanted to tackle the emotional side of eating and no program I have ever tried really cared about that.


Shannon F.

Why a Blueprint?

Weight Loss has been misinterpreted for years by scientists and business people.

The scientists keep looking for new science.
The business people want to find ways to sell more of it.
Together, they created hundreds of one-size-fits-all approaches with $1 million-dollar marketing budgets to convince you that some magic combination of foods or liquids will get you skinny as a beanpole.

But they got it all wrong.

Your body is not a commodity.
You are not one-size-fits-all.

You are unique. Your body is unique. Your challenges are unique.

Isn’t it time that your weight loss was also unique?

Start exactly where you are, work step-by-step, tailored specifically to you, and love the way those jeans make your butt look.

Take Eating Back cover page

Free Guide: Take Eating Back

Restrictive Dieting is sooo 1995. Join an underground movement of people who have taken off the weight and never looked back.

What Even Is a Strengthlete?

I know what you might be thinking – isn’t that someone who lift heavy weights, grunts at the gym really loud, or says “bro” non-stop?

Hell No.   

Being a Strengthlete is not about the gym, a sport, or any activity. 

Being a Strengthlete is about the real hard stuff - inner strength.

Being a Strengthlete is about the inner strength that gets you out of bed in the morning to get to the gym or take on the day. 

It is that voice inside that tells you, “yes you can,” even when you feel you can’t.

It’s that thing inside of you (that you can’t describe) that pushes you to have an uncomfortable conversation with your husband or wife, ask your boss for that raise, or approach that hot guy/girl, even when you are scared. 

A Strengthlete is raw and unphotoshopped.  We accept who we are, we accept others for who they are, we make mistakes, but we admit and learn from them.

A Strengthlete is constantly dedicated to a stronger, more powerful, more resilient version of themselves.

If you this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

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