Do Chips Make You Feel Guilty?

I want you to think to the last time you ate a bag of crispy, salty, delicious chips. Each crunch just makes you smile and feel good.

But as soon as you put the bag down, you feel this instant blanket of guilt.

And each time you pass the trash can and see the chips wrapper, you want to hide it. You don’t want anyone to know that you just ate chips.

Chip bag sitting in trash can


Because after all, what does eating chips say about you? What will others think of you if they see the empty chip bags in your garbage all the time?

Does it say "I don’t care about what I eat?"
Does it say "I’m unhealthy and I don’t care about it?"
Does it say "I can’t contain myself?"

If you eat chips during a work day on a Tuesday, then how do you eat when no one is looking?

Isn’t this the worst feeling in the world?

You do care about your body and want to be healthy, but why can’t you simply have some chips without it being such a battle in your head?

Why is it that everytime you eat chips, you feel like the next meal has to be a salad to make up for the chips?

Why is it that everytime you walk by the chip aisle in the store, all you can think of is "Avoid, avoid, avoid! That’s the devil’s aisle!"

How can thin sliced potatoes that are fried, salted, and flavored cause so much anxiety and stress?

And why are they so damn addictive?

And how long can you play the salad in exchange for chips game before you crack and just eat all the chips?

The truth is - chips are just chips.

If you like chips, you are allowed to eat chips. No questions asked.

And you are allowed to enjoy them without feeling guilty or like you are doing something wrong. And you don’t have to eat a salad later to make up for your chips now.


They are not the devil. They are not evil. They are not as addictive as drugs.

And you don’t have to justify that you like chips by saying something like this:

"At least they aren’t processed! That counts for something, right?"
"Chips are fried in vegetable oil, which contains linolic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, which is an important part of a healthy diet."
"A 100g serving has 1,196mg of potassium -- that’s more than a similarly sized banana and a good chunk of your daily recommended value of 3,500mg."

If you like chips, eat them. And enjoy them. Savor the flavor of each chip.

If you don’t figure out how to include chips into your day to day, you will FOREVER be on this seesaw:

Seesaw between no chips and all the chips

How much longer do you want to keep doing this?


You can eat Instinctually. You can throw out rules like "chips are the devil" and instead eat chips, enjoy them, and never think twice about it.

You can throw away chip wrappers in your trash can at work and not give a shit.

You can add chips to the side of a sandwich and not feel like you are double cheating with bread and chips.

You can just have chips.

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