Do You Play The Calorie Game?

"Hmmm, well if I save 200 cals now, I can have the extra 200 calories at dinner when I go out later, which means I can have ¼ of dessert. Yes! Better than no dessert!"

"I’ll have the glazed doughnut, even though I want the Cruller, because it saves me 153 cals."

"If I skip my 200 cal snack and walk an extra 2,000 steps, that’s 300 cals per day!! If I do that all week, that’s ½ pound!! Yea baby, progress!"


How often do you find yourself playing this game? How often do you look at calorie comparisons like the one above to help you make "better decisions?"

Isn’t this exhausting?

More importantly, how often do you get sick of it, throw your hands up in the air and just say "FUCK THIS" and then eat what you want?

And I know what you might be thinking - "Joe, everyone needs a break. Counting calories is a lot of work."

I agree.

But shouldn’t all that work be worth something?

95% of the time, the second that you stop counting calories, all the weight comes back on.

And when it comes back on it’s usually….

2-3x faster than the time it took you to lose it.
The weight is flabbier.
The weight is harder to lose.
The weight is more stubborn.

50% of the time, you actually GAIN WEIGHT. You read that right. Diets have a 50% chance of helping you GAIN weight.

So for all the hard work, the anguish, the guilt, and the resentment, you have only a 5% chance of keeping the weight off past 1 year.

Seems like a lot of work for a whole lotta nothing.

What would happen if you actually ditched MyFitnessPal? What if you didn’t have to pull out your phone before every single eating decision?

Most people think they would just eat an UNLIMITED amount McDonald’s or Wendy’s. They would never eat a vegetable and only eat carbs.

But the truth is when you have the independence to eat foods that you WANT to eat, you rarely go overboard, you rarely eat too much, and you rarely graze and snack.

When you have the POWER to choose, it’s 100x more satisfying than just picking food based on calories.

And when you are SATISFIED, you never have to manage QUANTITY.

You just eat, enjoy, and go back to kicking life in the ass!

And yes - as hard as it is to fathom, you can still lose weight doing it. This is something I have been teaching my clients for a very long time.

How awesome would you feel if you looked at food and the first thing that came to mind wasn’t "150 calories," but "Do I enjoy this?"

How much longer do you want to play this game with no result?

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