If I Just Look at a Cookie I’ll Gain Weight

Have you ever felt like this:  

You count your calories for 2-3 weeks, you cook all your meals, you avoid junk food, and you lose a MEASLY 2 pounds.  But the second you have ONE cookie, you put the 2 pounds back on immediately?

How can you put in so much work for such a small result?

And then in one little slip up, it’s all gone?

On the other hand, you have a friend who just looks at a vegetable and loses weight.  

How much does this suck?

It’s the worst.  How can tons and tons of work be erased in a split second?


Why do all the work to begin with?

If counting calories won’t make a difference, why not have the pizza you wanted and just try to burn it off with some extra cardio later?

But we both know where this story ends.  The second the pizza crosses your lips, it turns into a shit show.  The cardio never gets done. And you feel stuck.


Why is losing weight so hard?

The truth is losing weight isn’t hard.  It’s only hard when you approach it like a “chore” or “work.”  The people who lose weight, and successfully keep it off, approach weight loss in a completely different way.

A way that starts with the most important person - themselves, not a number on the scale.  Everything they do is about self care.

The scale can make you emotional, especially if you see a number you’ve never seen before.  And when you are emotional, it’s almost impossible to think about self care.

You just want to see the number on the scale drop, YESTERDAY.  

And you are willing to do anything to see the number decrease.  Because if you don’t, what does that say about you? Are you officially fat? Obese? Giving up?

So you do something drastic, like cut out ALL sugar, ALL snacks, or ALL fast food.   

But when the number goes down, does it ever last?  

No. Of course not.  Because you are focused on the number. And when you are fixated on a number, you are always reacting and never in charge.  

If the number goes down, you are happy and you eat!

If the number goes up, you are miserable and starve.

If the number goes sideways, you are pulling your hair out.

But when you start with self care, everything changes.  

Instead of avoiding cookies until you lose weight, you learn how to enjoy cookies and stop when your body signals you to stop.

Instead of sneaking food when no one else is looking, you make time for eating and enjoy each bite whether it’s a burger and fries or grilled chicken and brussel sprouts.

Instead of feeling the guilt after eating M&M’s, you give yourself UNCONDITIONAL permission to eat foods you love.  You simply tune into your instincts to tell you when to stop.

The beauty of this process is once you build this type of relationship with food, you instinctively know what, when, and how much to eat.  

You never need to count calories, weigh and measure food, or “check your app.”

Eating is just eating.  

Doesn’t this sound better than fighting food?

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