Just "Watch What You Eat"

Have you ever asked weight loss advice of someone who is a fitness/nutrition expert or even spoken to your doctor and they tell you something like this: 

  • “Watch what you eat!”
  • “Exercise 3-4 days per week.”
  • “Stay with it!” 
  • “Even a little progress is progress!”
  • “Just eat like a caveman would.”
  • “Have you tried (insert diet of the moment)?”

For real?

For all the research, information, and technology that we have today, that’s the best advice we can give?

“Someone Help Me Please!!!!”


This advice is just so annoying.  Likely because you’ve done all this stuff already:  

You’ve “watched what you are eating.”

It didn’t work. And in all honesty - what does that even mean?  

And you “exercise 3-4 days per week already.”

Clearly that’s not working. You do everything right.  You lift weights and do cardio.

And you’ve “stuck with it for months.”

Consistency is not the problem, you’ve been doing this for 4-5 months.

And “a little progress is progress.”

This just sounds like an excuse when someone doesn’t know what they are talking about. 

Try “insert diet of the moment.”

If you look at another can of tuna, a jar of almond butter, or eat quinoa instead of rice, you might kill someone.  

Why does this advice just feel wrong?

That’s because deep down inside, you know that it’s wrong.  All it does is bring you back to the same place over and over again.  You lose 10 pounds and put on 15. You lose 10, put on 15. Over and over again.

Except, every time you gain weight, it becomes harder and harder to lose.  

That’s because every time you follow a fad diet, a “watch what you eat” plan, or “just eat like a caveman” program, you lose fat and muscle.  

…...But when you put the weight back on, it’s just fat.  

The cruelest part is you need to eat less just to stay the same weight.  


Before you would eat cookies and nothing would happen.  But now, if you just look at a cookie, you gain weight. It’s the world’s worst prison where even the slightest bit of sugar causes you to plump up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.


Is there something wrong with your body? Are you just getting old and your metabolism is slowing down? Is it because you sit too much all day?

No.  The advice you are getting just sucks.

But what if you got good advice? Real advice.  Not some generic, cookie cutter bullshit like “watch what you eat.”

What if when you ask for advice, someone asked you questions about your eating and actually sat down and diagnosed what was happening underneath the surface?

What if instead of treating your eating like a “one size fits all t-shirt” or “diet template,” the complexity of the eating process is actually respected?  

Even though it SHOULD be simple, it never is.  Your life is not cookie cutter. Your life has a lot of moving parts, which sometimes don’t always fit together perfectly.

Instead, what if someone broke down the eating process into clear and distinct steps? Then they helped you figure out where things are going wrong. Then they trained you on how to fix them.  

That’s exactly what I do.  

I am one of the few people in the country who has broken down the eating process into clear and distinct steps instead of handing out generic prescriptions, meal plans, or “must have” supplements.  With each client, I work through each step of eating and breakdown:

  1. How you identify your hunger
  2. How you ACTUALLY make your food choices
  3. How you set your plate and table
  4. How you identify your fullness & satisfaction
  5. The aftermath of each and every meal

Have you EVER explored these steps?  

Chances are that you’ve explored your calorie count, how many grams of carbs you are eating, or whether your sugar came from fruit or candy at least 1 million times.  And you can continue to do that until your eyes bleed and nothing will ever change.


You can explore the real steps of eating.  

If you are ready, start with my free workshop, Take Eating Back. You'll discover the key shifts necessary to drop dieting, and make eating a process that works for YOUR body.

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