The MAGIC PILL of Weight Loss (I’m definitely lying)

Everyday, I post on Instagram and Facebook.

And every FUCKING day, people comment with some crap like this:

  • "It’s all about Calories In- Calories Out."
  • "It's all about being healthy."
  • "It’s all about eating well, moving frequently, and sleeping."
  • "It's not about self control and it's not about allowing yourself foods you want. People have been able to not be obese for 100’s of years without counting calories for a reason."


Borat saying "NOT"

It’s easy to think that one more piece of information will make THE difference. Or a new scientific discovery will allow you to eat as many cookies as you want all day long and have a six pack. Or you just have to eat less calories than you burn.


But these are magic pills.

And the magic pills don’t exist. No matter how hard you want to believe that there are magic pills out there, there aren’t.

And there are people out there who will tell you things like:

  • It’s all about carbs.
  • It’s all about fat.
  • It’s all about fasting.

What they really mean is "I have a magic pill."

And sure, it may work for a little while, but when it stops working - you are the one left holding the bag.

True success is never about ONE THING. 

Bill Gates isn’t Bill Gates because he is just smart. Bill Gates is disciplined, intelligent, has a crazy work ethic, and is a great manager of people.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, isn’t The Rock because he has big muscles. He is smart, hard working, talented, has a great attitude, and has a great sense of humor. 

All these things combine to give these guys incredible amounts of success.

But when it comes to weight loss - we all want to believe that it’s this one MAGIC thing, like calories, fat, or carbs.

But in reality - there is something that sits above all of that that no one ever talks about.  And it’s called your relationship with food.

Your relationship with food encompasses everything other than "science."

It’s the taste. The texture. It’s the way you are connected with food. It’s the way you experience food. 

It’s the memories.

It’s the nostalgia.

It’s how food makes you feel and what it means to you. 

And we ALL have a relationship with food. 

If you’ve ever had a time where you’ve been 100% full…. but you can’t stop eating a bag of chips until the bag is done…. it’s because of your relationship with food. 

If you’ve ever had a time where you’ve eaten all your calories for the day, but you are rummaging through the cabinets at midnight…. it’s because of your relationship with food.   

If you’ve ever had a time that you skipped breakfast because you felt guilty for eating that 3rd cookie last night…. it’s because of your relationship with food.   

It has NOTHING to do with the calories, grams of carbs, or knowledge of nutrition.

And your relationship with food is 80% of this equation.

So I want you to stop and think. What kind of relationship with food do you have?

Can you have cookies around the house without absolutely destroying them?

Can you eat pizza without feeling guilty?

Can you be around doughnuts at the office without feeling like you MUST have one? 

If the answer is "no" to any of these - there is NO diet, NO amount of research, and NO piece of science that can ever help drop pounds on the scale, shrink your t-shirt size, and help you feel in control of yourself regardless of the food that is around you.

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