This Week, I’m Gonna Be Strict with My Diet

Have you ever vowed to lose a few pounds and precisely 24 hours later found your hand dipping into the candy jar in your office?

And the second you do, you just feel terrible.

…. But since you broke, you might as well have a few more pieces of candy and start fresh again tomorrow.  

But you make a deal with yourself that tomorrow you will be more strict and have nothing but salads. You will be 100% healthy to make up for the Snickers you are eating right now.  

Two days later, you are back in the candy jar.


But this time, it’s a little worse.  The second you have a single Mini-Twix, you end up eating 5.  And by the time you even know what happened, you look down in your garbage can and see candy wrapper stacked on top of candy wrapper, stacked on top of candy wrapper.


A thicker and warmer blanket of guilt falls and covers you.

What can you do except start fresh again tomorrow?  Oh no, tomorrow is Saturday, so you might as well enjoy the weekend and start again Monday.

But the weekend is way worse than you wanted it to be.  On Saturday, you totally lose track. You have a good breakfast, get to the gym, but you skip lunch because you know you are going out to dinner later and want to save some calories.   

You nibble on some chips while watching TV, nibble on some cookies a little later and by the time you get to dinner, you are so hungry, you are ready to eat everything in site.  You meet your friends out for dinner and even though you want to catch up first, you are soo hungry, you can’t even think. You kill the bread and butter, eat a bunch of everyone’s appetizers, and hammer down a big burger and fries.  

By dessert time, you are so full, it feels like your stomach is going to explode.  You feel the pressure against your belt. You feel bloated. You feel tired. You feel sluggish.     

On the way home from the restaurant, you start regretting what you ate:

“Why did I eat so much?”

“I feel gross.”

“Ughhh, I shouldn’t haven’t eaten all those carbs.”

So on Sunday, you go through the cabinets, throw out the chips, throw out the cookies, and go grocery shopping and cook a bunch of meals to help you get back on track.

The meals you make are perfect.  Lots of greens and virtually no carbs.  Carbs are clearly the problem and the second you get a little taste, you go overboard.  

You make a promise that this week, you are going to be STRICT AF.

But by Wednesday, you are back in the candy jar.

Why does this keep happening? 

Why can’t you ever keep it going for longer than a few days?

Let me clear this up for you.  What you are trying to accomplish is impossible.  

Moreover, it’s insane to think that you can do the same thing over and over again and expect that you will get a different result.  (I believe Einstein said that!)

But there’s something even deeper beneath the surface that you must acknowledge first.  

If a diet doesn’t work for you, YOU DID NOT FAIL.  

And trying to make up for this failure with more and more and more dieting is a recipe for disaster and insidious weight gain.  

The reality is, the way to lose weight is loosen up the reigns and give yourself the unconditional permission to eat anything you want to eat.  

I know that sounds crazy, but if you can’t trust yourself around unhealthy food, how long can your “strict diet” possibly last?

Whether you like it or not, you will come across pizza, chips, cookies, candy, and soda.  It’s inevitable.

Instead of trying to avoid pizza for the rest of your life, which is impossible to do, you need to be able to handle yourself around pizza.  

If you can’t handle yourself around pizza, your weight loss has a time limit on it.  You will eventually just put the weight back on, a little softer, a little more flabby, and a lot harder to lose.

Believe it or not, the name of the game is NOT to lose weight - It’s to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.  

That’s true success.

And that’s exactly what I cover in my new workshop, Take Eating Back.  In this workshop, I debunk some of the most common weight loss myths, and discuss a 5-step plan to start losing weight immediately without the normal and nauseating rules that you are used to hearing.

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