What’s the Deal with Carbs?

It's been nearly 46 years since Dr. Atkins first introduced the Atkins Diet. And since then, a war has been waged on carbs.

So, what’s the deal with carbs?
• Should you eat them?
• Should you avoid them?
• Are they good for you?
• Do they make you gain weight?
• What are the best carbs to eat?

Here is the bigger question, how come everytime you avoid carbs, you crave them soo damn bad?

What is it about restricting carbs that the smell of bread makes you feel crazy? The smell of doughnuts that makes you think about doughnuts all day long? It makes you feel like you can’t possibly think or do anything else until you have that doughnut.

There is a very specific reason for this. Something that no one talks about.

The natural and biological response to restriction or deprivation is BINGING.

This simply means…. 


If you avoid cookies… you will binge on cookies.
If you avoid bread… you will binge on bread.
If you avoid doughnuts… you will binge on doughnuts.

Plain and simple.

So as good as your intentions of keeping your carbs low are, the smell or sight of carbs will send you into a tailspin.

It has nothing to do with your willpower, your meal planning, or discipline.

This is part of your genetic coding.

This is why low-carb fails 95% of the time.

But how is it that some people eat carbs and still lose weight?

How do some people walk into a bagel shop and feel perfectly normal?
How do some people walk by the pastry display case at Starbucks and not salivate at each and every dessert?
How do some people have a slice or two of pizza without ever going overboard?

Are they some sort of freaks? Is it because they have a skinny kid inside of them and you have a fat kid inside of you?


There are hundreds of millions of people who eat carbs each and every day and do not put on an ounce. They don’t think twice about eating carbs. And they love each and every bite of bread they eat.

Do they have some sort of genetic advantage or a freaky fast metabolism? Nope.

They have a relationship with carbs that’s normal, smooth, and steady.

They simply have no reason to ever binge. And no reason to feel crazy in a bagel shop.

To them, carbs are just carbs.

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