Why Keto Is Lazy…..

The keto diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet.

So if you struggle with carbs, like candy or bread, this is the diet for you.

It throws all the carbs out the window, and instead you eat a ton of protein and fat. Only 5% of your calories can come from carbs.

Since it’s only 5%, it basically forces you to get your shit together with carbs!

Smart, right?

HELLLLLL NO, man. This is the LAZIEST diet I have ever heard of in my life.

Here’s why - if carbs are your problem, all you are doing is kicking the can down the road.

Here’s what usually happens:


You cut out candy, bread, and pasta for 3-4 months. And the weight melts off.

You are looking and feeling incredible and can’t believe how amazing Keto is!

And then you start to REALLY crave candy! And Chocolate. And Pasta. And Chips. And everything you’ve cut out for months.

And the second you bring M&M’s back into the house, you can’t control yourself.

So you immediately go back to your strict "NO M&M policy in the house."

But then you buy a pack here. And a pack there.

And before you know it, your M&M habit is TWICE as bad as it was before.

Sure, you’ve lost some weight, but you know it’s just a matter of time before it comes back on because your M&M habit is absolutely KILLING YOU!

The Keto Diet is LAZY, folks.

If your M&M habit is your problem, then you need to fix this.

If you are out of control around pizza, then you need to fix this.

If you can’t ever open a bag of chips and stop, then you need to fix this.

These habits don’t fix themselves.

And Keto will not fix them either.

Avoiding food will not give you control over it. In fact, it gives you less.

Think about it.

Imagine you and the Mrs. get into a fight over something you did that she didn’t appreciate. Let’s say for the next three weeks, you avoided her.

How do you think that next conversation would go?

How much power do you think you’d have in that conversation?


And it’s the same with food.

The more you avoid, the less power you have.

But if you learn how to eat Instinctually - things change.

Eating becomes not about controlling yourself, but about enjoying yourself.

And you will find yourself changing what you say like this:

"I can’t stop eating M&M’s" becomes "Yea, I love M&M’s, just not all the time."
"I can’t stop eating Pizza" becomes "No, two slices is enough."
"I can’t stop eating chips" becomes "I love chips, but I’m good for now."

Best of all, you don’t have to plan and prepare every single FUCKING meal on Sunday for the next week like a damn prisoner.

You can actually be spontaneous and have dinner out on a Tuesday night without thinking twice about it.

How good would it feel to be that free?!!

So if you are sick of kicking the can down the road and going on diet after diet and finally want to be able to have chips and candy around your house without issues or simply eat pizza with your kids, instead of a salad… then start with my free workshop below.

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